Being A Multi-Faceted Woman

Embrace Your Complexity

When you are more than one thing, you can find yourself second-guessing your ability to explain everything you're dipping your foot in (or diving head first into). Yet, you know for sure you're ready to share ALL of YOU with the world. Well, that is me. The girl who is more than one thing. More than just a former English teacher. More than an educational advocate. More than a work-from-home mom. More than a writer. I am a creative. A multi-passionate creative. For the past four years, I’ve been growing these entities. I’ve cried. I’ve wanted to quit. I’ve been looked at like a crazy person for wanting to make friends with women, build businesses, and share witty words. I’ve been told my heart-centered businesses wouldn’t last. BUT, I’m still here, and I’m still standing.

You can do the same. You can do all you've been purposed to do without second-guessing yourself. 

❤️You can be the teacher. 

❤️You can be a mom. 

❤️You can be an empath and succeed.

❤️You can do whatever your heart leads you to do. 


You are all of the things you set out to be. Do not let anyone stop you. You've been created this way, and you never have to dim your light in a one-dimensional world. 

Jarius Edens is the lead content creator and writer for Kreative Copy and Blissful Empath.

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