November 24, 2019

Is meditating necessary for spiritual growth?

Meditating is important for spiritual growth. When we meditate we learn to sit with our thoughts and feelings without distraction. Meditation is often completed as a daily practice or ritual meant to build discipline and consistency. Meditation can happen in a plethora of ways. 

Understanding The Joy of Movement

Gentle Movement


Gentle movement takes your focus away from putting pressure and force on your body. Gentle movement allows you to move your body for the sole purpose of connecting with your body in a loving and kind manner. This type of movement is perfect for healing, learning, and grounding. 

Vigorous Movement


Vigorous movement is about using great force to move your body. It includes intense activity that focuses on the abilities of the body while activating chemicals to reduce stress and induce healing. This movement is perfect for decreasing fight or flight chemic